Jeremiah Nanai of the Maroons during Game 3 of the 2022 State of Origin series (Image: AAP/Dave Hunt)

We are now at post-peak Origin as far as TV audiences are concerned. The chances of getting a 3 million-plus national audience are gone. Most League fans like the idea of Origin but the marginal fans are not flocking to watch what on paper looks like a great game or series, as the 2022 series was.

Last night’s audience figures for the third and deciding game won by Queensland (and the series) confirms it. The national audience was 2.588 million, just above the 2.512 million for Game 1 but just under the 2.609 million for Game 2 (which was on a Sunday night, which might account for the higher figure). 

The metro audiences were 1.792 million for last night, 1.797 million for Game 2 and 1.771 million for Game 1 of this year’s series. The regional audiences tell a similar story: 796,000 for last night, 812,000 for Game 2 and 741,000 for the first game.