sonia kruger
Big Brother host Sonia Kruger (Image: Seven)

The 2022 edition of Seven’s Big Brother finished last night (582,000 nationally), as did Ten’s MasterChef Australia (1.171 million for the winner, 1.006 million for the lead-up -- around 1.08 million average). The former generated a "So what?" from viewers, the latter moderate interest -- enough to push Seven into third place for the second night in a row.

Australian Ninja Warrior Record Breakers (aka "offcuts of the series") with 643,000 was enough to keep Nine in front after a solid night for the hour of news from 6pm (1.170 million average) and A Current Affair (1.012 million).

For all Seven’s chest-beating about how well BB was doing in streaming and seven-day viewing (and it was getting by percentage boosts in viewer numbers from a low base), the fact is last night’s final had weak ratings. So weak, in fact, that unlike previous years Seven failed to split the figures into the winner announcement and the lead-up, as Ten did with MasterChef last night.