A scene from the 2022 Republican Party of Texas convention (Image: Elizabeth Conley/Houston Chronicle via AP)


What happened to crime rates when details of gun owners’ addresses were made public? The founder of the SAS in the UK was a fraud and a liar who was also hopelessly incompetent. The great Ferdinand Mount looks at the terrorism scare of the 1810s, how a government engineered it and exploited it for its own political advantages, and the draconian laws it imposed under its cover (how strange that the idea that governments do this should have been in any way controversial during the modern war on terror two centuries later). And in India, the contrast between the rapid response to Islamist terrorism and the relaxed attitude to Hindu fundamentalist terrorism directed at Muslims.


Just how extreme is the Texas Republican Party? It wants to ban most of government, legalise discrimination, prohibit sex education and, of course, abolish abortion. These are people determined to create a nightmare state. Speaking of which, here are the Tories who want to ban abortion in the UK. Misogynist violence in the Middle East and the victimhood narrative of Islamophobia. The overturning of Roe v Wade set back the anti-abortion cause years in blue states, Christians lament. And think tanks are becoming churches to enjoy tax and secrecy advantages.


How middle-income neighbourhoods are disappearing in the United States — making way for much more polarised communities. Coming soon: ads on your phone you can’t turn off (when will we get really creative with advertising? Let’s have lifts you can’t leave until you’ve watched an ad. Skip to the head of the phone hold queue by listening to these 10 important promotions! T2/3 lanes equipped with ad broadcasts to your car screen. A petrol bowser that doesn’t start until you’ve watched some commercials. I mean, there are billions of hours a year going begging in Australia in which people are not being advertised to!) Plus: taking low-paid jobs in order to drive unionisation. And Robert De Niro and Al Pacino versus Karl Marx: when the Frankfurt School ditched Marxism for the Scorsese-like thesis of the racket society.