The birth of the knowledge class? (Image: Warner Brothers)

Frequent readers of this correspondent may know that I very occasionally speak of a thing called "the knowledge class". Some of you may not have heard of it, and are saying to yourself "ooh, that sounds interesting, tell me more", while others may be going "arrgh, not again, the pain, it hurts".

Some people, it seems, feel that I talk about it a little too much. People have yelled this at me. Two friends of mine openly joked about it on Twitter, and then agreed to have a beer together in celebration. Haha, I see you. (I get Twitter printed out for me.)

The idea that a "knowledge class" is either some minor academic detail or a distraction from the "real" contest of economic class (which most people just call "class") strikes me as so obviously wrong, so utterly missing the major divisions of our age, that I wonder how intelligent people can dismiss its crucial importance to social and political understanding.