George Brandis
George Brandis (Image: AAP)

While a pompous clown as politician and attorney-general, George Brandis "QC" was no fool when it came to extracting dollars from taxpayers. There was the time he charged taxpayers to attend the wedding of failed right-wing shock-jock Michael Smith. Then there were the infamous bookshelves -- the $15,000 waste of money for bookshelves for Brandis' $13,000 taxpayer-funded library.

And after 18 years on the public teat as senator for Queensland, the provincial lawyer scored another lucrative taxpayer-funded gig in 2018: high commissioner in London. Having adorned that role with his usual mediocrity for four long, doubtlessly arduous years, Brandis has returned to Australia. And after more than two decades of taxpayer largesse, one might have thought he was ready to make his own way in the world again.

Alas, no: he fetched up at Australian National University. At ANU's prestigious College of Law, of course? Well, not quite. According to the gushing media release from ANU, Brandis will be "a professor in the Practice of National Security and will be primarily based at the National Security College in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. He will also lend his incredible expertise to the ANU College of Law."