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Johnson cut off We have our differences with Britain's Daily Mail, but they probably summed it up best with their front page regarding the situation UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson finds himself in:


Ten ministers have now quit his government (Sajid Javid, Rishi Sunak, Andrew Murrison, Bim Afolami, Saqib Bhatti, Jonathan Gullis, Nicola Richards, Virginia Crosbie, Theo Clarke and Alex Chalk) following the revelations that Johnson had known about the history of sexual misconduct allegations against deputy chief whip (and man with a Dickensian villain's name) Chris Pincher at the time he was appointed to the role. Surely he cannot survive this, but then that phrase has never been far from the "greased piglet" during his time in public life:

  • Pre-politics, Johnson was a distinctly British type of journalist: the kind that has absolutely no standards of decency or truth. He was sacked by The Times for fabricating quotes in a front page story regarding Edward II.
  • In 1998, while at The Daily Telegraph, he called gay men "tank-topped bumboys" and in 2002 he described African members of the Commonwealth as "picaninnies".
  • In 2018, writing for the same publication (receiving $275,000 a year to do so, despite already being a backbencher), he described women in burqas as "looking like letter boxes".
  • In 2004, by now an MP for Henley, Johnson was sacked as Tory vice chair and Shadow Arts Minister after he lied about having had an affair.
  • A series of ethics probes were launched into Johnson in September 2019 over his friendship with tech entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri after the relatively inexperienced American went on three trade missions Johnson led when he was London mayor in 2014 and 2015.
  • And of course partygate -- the UK PM barely survived a no-confidence vote over the ongoing and roiling controversy surrounding the series of parties Johnson's office had while UK citizens where unable to visit dying relatives during the UK's COVID lockdowns.

We've had to skip a few, believe it or not. But surely, surely he cant survive this one.