Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv (Image: ABACAPRESS.COM)

So it begins. Yesterday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was forced to defend the apparent hypocrisy of his absence from the nation during the flood crisis in New South Wales. Honestly, the nerve of the man -- he criticises Scott Morrison for having a Hawaiian vacation during the bushfire crisis in 2019/2020, and the moment he's in power, he swans off to kick back in *checks notes* war-torn Ukraine and a NATO meeting.

"For those people who might like to say which of the events I have attended on behalf of Australia, that I should not have attended, I have not had a day off for a very long period of time. We can’t separate international events from the impact on Australia and Australians. [If] people want to argue I’m not working hard, then they can argue that case," is how he put it when he arrived in Perth on his way back to NSW.

The Australian’s Ben Packham further wrote that Albanese seemed “well prepared for photo opportunities” while in Ukraine despite having had the gall to accuse Morrison of being “all photo-op, no follow-up” -- yep, if you're gonna criticise a political opponent for a supposed lack of substance, you'd better not let yourself get photographed while doing your job.