Anthony Albanese after a game of social tennis with Labor MP Luke Gosling (fourth from left) (Image: Private Media/Anthony Albanese/Twitter)

No Love for Albanese Thanks to the doings of very good tennis player/right royal berk/misunderstood genius/dude who rocks (delete as appropriate to your take) Nick Kygrios, tennis is taking up more of the public debate than you might expect while huge swathes of Australia's biggest city are underwater. With that in mind, a tipster got in contact with us to share what is apparently Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's Tennis Australia Match Centre (a rundown of a player's results and ranking, etc). And look, it's not great.

Albo's doubles team "Marrickville 6" is coming off three consecutive losses, including thrashings at the hands of "Manly Men 6" and "SSC4", and are coming sixth -- out of eight -- in the 2022 Saturday Badge Men's Division 10.

Of course, Albanese has had to miss a few games lately (he's been as absent from the Marrickville 6 as he has the rest of the nation). Interestingly enough, his last taste of victory with the team came on May 28, a week after Labor's election victory -- clearly he was on a roll at the time.