Leigh Sales (Image: abc.net.au)

Leigh Sales has ended her stint hosting 7.30 for the ABC -- there is around 45 minutes of highlights from the current affairs program to celebrate her time -- which spanned more than a decade, several governments and two major local elections (and Trump’s antics in the US, and Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine this year), not to mention the relentless, ongoing change in the media with the decline of print and broadcast news and the rise in streaming videos and social media in all its forms.

Unlike Seven, Nine and Ten, 7.30 and Sales covered all these -- and more -- and covered them well on behalf of the Australian people, which is more than you can say for the commercials or the after-dark barkers on Sky News.

The ABC’s 90th birthday party last night did well -- 593,000 nationally for two hours or so from 8pm -- and the "Goodbye, Leigh Sales" episode of 7.30 averaged 836,000, which was up more than 200,000 from the previous Thursday’s 627,000.