Former US president Donald Trump speaks at a rally on June 25 (Image: AAP/Mike Sorensen/Quincy Herald-Whig)

It's no longer inflated rhetoric to refer to the Talibanisation of the United States: the right to basic reproductive health services for women curbed, violence against protesters, and the explicit threat -- ironically from Clarence Thomas -- that the right to contraception, same-sex relationships and marriage equality were next on the hit list.

It should be clear what lengths the fundamentalist right in the US will go to to impose its reactionary will on the majority of Americans. Not merely were they prepared to tolerate Donald Trump on the basis that he could deliver the stacking of the US Supreme Court with religious fanatics, they embraced him, even claiming he was a divinely appointed leader.

The appointed fanatics lied to Congress about the settled nature of Roe v Wade. But this is a movement that does not regard law, or democracy, or the constitution, or tradition, as impediments to their imposing theocracy on their fellow citizens. God wills it. That is the only law.