(Image: Nine)

All is at peace in NSW but torment racks Queensland after the big win by the cockroaches over the cane toads in the second State of Origin game on Nine on Sunday night.

Nine should be happy -- with the series tied at one game apiece, the third game next month in Brisbane should produce good ratings. Last night’s game averaged 2.609 million nationally -- up from the 2.512 million for Game 1, which was lost by NSW. The metro audience of 1.797 million was 28,000 higher than the 1.771 million for Game 1. The regional audience rose to 812,000 from 741,000, the Sydney audience edged up to 765,000 from 730,000 and the Melbourne audience added 9000 to end up averaging 229,000. The Brisbane audience, however, fell to 594,000 from 625,000 for the first game. 

Quite a few people turned off during the game, especially in the second half as Queensland fell further behind, thereby lowering the average. Must have been after their bedtime up north.