(Image: Private Media)

Pure H E double L for me Last week we speculated on how News Corp would cover the fourth divorce of billionaire nonagenarian media mogul Rupert Murdoch if it weren't for the fact that he was the boss. The approach it's actually taken? Deathly silence. Former Fox employee Roger Friedman has lamented that the usually brutal English press -- across the board -- are apparently spooked out of any coverage:

I was interviewed for a big piece that was supposed to run on Sunday in a British paper. I’ve just received notice that it’s been 'spiked'. The tabloids, even the ones not owned by Murdoch, are scared of libel laws and retribution ...

He points out the same veil of silence in his native New York. Now given Friedman's record and his less than amicable split with the Murdoch empire, you may wish to take his views with a grain of salt -- but it's undeniably a big story generating a surprising lack curiosity.