(Image: nine.com.au)

With what was on offer last night, streaming or sleeping seemed better options. The AFL was on Seven (551,000) but it was Richmond vs Port Adelaide -- tough loss for Sunrise’s David Koch, Power's president.

The AFL was a winner for Seven, but overall it was a weak night of free-to-air TV -- the 5.30pm part of The Chase Australia with 852,000 viewers nationally was the most watched non-news program, followed by the 5.30pm part of Millionaire Hot Seat on Nine with 604,000 nationally. That rarely happens, and underlines just how weak the night’s post-7pm offerings were. And Foxtel doesn’t look much better, with the AFL game topping the night with 208,000 viewers.

Nine broadcast a 60 Minutes episode on cosmetic surgery that had been blocked for a couple of weeks by legal action in Sydney, but the action -- and an appeal -- failed, so the episode aired last night at 7.30pm. Replacing RBT, the 60 Minutes episode averaged 573,000 nationally -- a solid 12th on the night with little promotion.