(Image: AP/Andrew Harnik, Private Media)

Progressive causes There is something a little sour when a long campaign for change ends in acts of cloying bipartisanship. So it was when Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who has an assistant minister for the republic in his team, decided to rename Aspen Island in Canberra to Queen Elizabeth II Island in honour of a "true and steadfast friend, through the good times and also the hard times".

And now US First Lady Jill Biden has chosen to use air time and resources to unveil a stamp of former first lady Nancy Reagan. It would be weird regardless, but honouring someone so publicly associated with the silence of the Reagan administration during the AIDS epidemic during Pride Month has raised eyebrows.


Always check the references The imposition of affirmative consent laws in NSW is, obviously, a positive and overdue move. It would just be ideal if the NSW government would hire ad guys with better access to Google. Last week it was forced to pull one of its consent campaign ads after one of the actor's TikTok accounts came to public attention. It's not great: the actor wanders about asking young women, frequently visibly affected by alcohol, various sexual questions about positions and threesomes and things they'd rather their mother didn't know. A useful reminder that the internet exists and can be checked before you hire someone.