(Image: Private Media)

Corporate compassion In our ongoing survey of the wonderful world of corporate communications attempting to leap on to progressive issues, there's a remarkably common occurrence. When we in the bunker spot something so palpably and offensively insane we immediately take a screen grab, thinking there's no chance it will be up for more than five minutes before someone in the organisation comes to their senses and deletes it. And practically every time it stays up. Here's an example:


Yep, that's the US Marine Corps celebrating Pride month above an image of a disembodied helmet a la Full Metal Jacket except with "Proud to Serve" instead of "Born to Kill" written on it, and -- as a nice kicker -- a fistful of rainbow-tipped bullets tucked into the band. We think it's a beautiful sign of progress that US Marines want LGBTIQA+ Americans to choose them as the place to be given weapons of death and trained to kill by the state.

Pray for BoJo UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has, for decades, been able to exploit the British public's natural diffidence to people who seem upper-class in order to cover his vast corruption and incompetence behind a "harmless bumbling posho" vibe.