Scott Morrison cracking a whip (Image: Nine)
Scott Morrison cracking a whip (Image: Nine)

Soon the antics of Scott Morrison and co will fade into the distance, never to be written about again. But not today, dear reader, not today. Because it turns out that the man who famously doesn’t hold a hose, does hold a whip — and he knows how to use it.

Nine News got some footage of the former PM’s leaving do at Kirribilli House overlooking Sydney Harbour, where the Morrison family thanked staff for their service in a very traditional way: Jenny served up some margs and Scott cracked the whip (no, really).

Footage shows Morrison on the lawn getting out a whip and having a solid crack (and looking like he’d done it before), while guests look on and one awkwardly claps. Then Jenny and daughter Abbey also have a go and guests stand around worried they’re going to be asked next.

The reaction online was one of general confusion: why a whip, Scott? 

But honestly, we should probably be thankful. At least he didn’t serve up raw chicken to his guests, or tackle any of their seven-year-old sons to the ground. 

Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese will soon make the big move from Marrickville in the inner west to take up residence in Kirribilli — and if his inner-west friends are anything like mine, he’ll never hear from them again once he crosses the bridge.


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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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