Newly elected Labor member for Swan Zaneta Mascarenhas (Image: AAP/Richard Wainwright)

This is the second truly catastrophic result for the Liberal Party in Western Australia in as many years. After being reduced to two lower house seats in the 2021 state election, the federal Coalition last night suffered a swing against it that delivered Labor every seat it was realistically targeting, and, as it turns out, more (possibly even Moore -- more on that later).

There was Swan, losing its long-time Liberal member Steve Irons; Pearce, which was losing former attorney-general Christian Porter to scandal; and at the outer edges, but very much in play, was Hasluck, held by Indigenous Affairs minister Ken Wyatt.

All fell to Labor. But then Tangney, held by Scott Morrison's close ally Ben Morton on a "safe" margin of 11.5%, sensationally went. Moore, the previously very safe outer-metro seat held by Ian Goodenough is, at the time of writing, still in doubt. Canning, a previously safe seat held by Andrew Hastie, looks likely to stick with the Liberals, but as a marginal.