Topher Field, Monica Smit and other members of the anti-vaccine and freedom movement are teaching their audience about the electoral system (Images: YouTube)

Online anti-vaccine, conspiracy figures and groups are trying to organise and teach their followers to use the Australian electoral system to elect fringe and extreme minor parties in the 2022 election. 

There are a large number of conspiracy-peddling candidates running in the 2022 federal election. Despite being distrustful of government, many who took part in the so-called “freedom” movement have been eyeing off a tilt at Parliament as a way of overturning laws and decisions — including the approval of the COVID-19 vaccines and emergency pandemic powers — and pursuing recriminations against politicians. 

Squeezing the most out of the dwindling number of people who are still paying attention to the movement is crucial to the prospects of any of these candidates. That’s why many of the biggest names in these fringe groups have taken a break from promoting claims of “electoral fraud” to run campaigns or promote content they hope will give them the best chance of getting up.