Greens candidate for Griffith Max Chandler-Mather, 2022 (Image: AAP/Russell Freeman)
Max Chandler-Mather (Image: AAP/Russell Freeman)

A rich history has always enveloped the seat of Griffith on Brisbane's south side. Named after Sir Samuel Griffith, a former Queensland premier who helped draft the Australian Constitution, it’s been won by both big parties, but in recent decades it has been home to Labor luminaries.

Ben Humphreys, one of the nation’s most popular politicians, held it from 1977 until he retired in 1996 when Kevin Rudd wanted it. Rudd failed first time around, but won it in 1998.

Rudd introduced genuine local politics to the big city electorate, giving away bikes at local schools, attending several events each day, and regularly setting up a small table on street corners, outside of the election campaign period.