(Image: AAP/Private Media)

Ah, memories. I’d forgotten how disastrous the federal government’s response was to the COVID pandemic. But watching this week’s Four Corner'sProfiting from the pandemic” brought it all back. Along with the nagging question that’s never been satisfactorily answered: how could the Morrison government -- or any government -- make the same mistakes over and over again?

A litany of catastrophic errors

Remember early on when we didn’t have enough personal protective equipment for health and aged care workers -- forget about citizens -- because the federal government had failed to ensure the national medical stockpile was resourced to handle the global pandemic?

This was followed by outbreaks in aged care that -- despite those in living facilities overseas -- seemed to have caught the government off guard. Not just initially when the first outbreaks appeared in residential care homes in NSW, but months later when, after an initial round of COVID-zero backslapping, more than a dozen Victorian facilities were struck as part of Victoria’s second wave.