(Image: CGTN Europe/YouTube)
Russian President Vladimir Putin (Image: CGTN Europe/YouTube)


Blue lies — the phenomenon of entrenched police lying and its role in the criminal justice system. How white supremacists plotted to bring down a US power grid and spark the much-cherished goal of a race war. A new book examines the historical relationship between evangelicalism and racism. And do you have an ethnocentric rewards card? Mapping “ethnic food” in Melbourne supermarkets.


Letting billionaires avoid tax is fundamentally corrosive of democracy. Time for a new Bretton Woods agreement to curb risks of a depression. The first Russian bank goes under as a result of “reputational damage”. After decades of wage stagnation, Japan’s newish prime minister is embracing what he calls “new capitalism” with an emphasis on high wages growth. What happens to international trade if Russia is cut off from SWIFT? The long-running TurboTax scam in the United States takes a new twist.


For decades successive German governments have fooled themselves about Russia. Now, in a single dramatic speech, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has reversed course and committed to a dramatic escalation in military spending and dispatching weaponry to Ukraine. The American right is torn over how to respond to Putin’s aggression, after lionising him for so long. Why do they love Putin so much? The loving embrace between the UK Tories and Russian oligarchs. Meanwhile Russian-controlled Belarus is again stepping up its use of immigrants against its neighbours.