Sharri Markson (Image: Sky News/YouTube/Private Media)

Top Markson Even by her own exultant standards, News Corp's Sharri Markson has had a blockbuster couple of weeks. She uncovered the shock that Anthony Albanese was a bit further to the left 30 years ago. Then she followed up with a devastating "exclusive" where she applied the investigative approach of "reading a publicly available news publication" and finding a pro-Albanese piece in the CCP tabloid The Global Times (written by a former Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade diplomat Bruce Haigh).

Taking a break from the campaign, now she's reporting on footage of Grill'd co-founder Geoff Bainbridge "fondling himself" while honking on a crack pipe, footage we're told is as "graphic as it is shocking". Except, of course, the "exclusive" tag on this one (co-written with Kylar Loussikian) is even shakier than usual because Bainbridge, after the Oz contacted him, got out in front of the story, going to the Nine papers and telling them the video was part of a extortion plot against him, giving the impression that maybe publishing it was perhaps a little grubby? Regardless, he's quit his current gig as Lark Distilling CEO.

Markson's column going through the Oz's side of the story takes a swipe at The Age -- for "suspending belief" -- and Bainbridge for being (in the words of people who know him, apparently) "conniving, manipulative and clever”. She says that when contacted Bainbridge's lawyers had made claims about the footage being manipulated, claims absent in The Age piece. But our favourite detail she shares to discredit his version is that he talks about "meth", which is the sign of a hardened drug user if ever we saw it.