Xi Jinping
Chinese President Xi Jinping

As the government and News Corp go on the attack against Anthony Albanese for being "soft on China", Crikey can reveal a sinister Chinese plot that you won't learn about from the Murdoch press -- at least, not unless you go back a few years and read their old copy from 2015.

That's because senior Liberal party figures worked with News Corp to bring Australia under the influence of the Xi Jinping regime, in a staggering plot that would have seen Chinese enterprises purchase major Australian companies and Chinese workers displace Australians in workplaces across the country, and would have brought Australia into the "orbit" of one of the world's most brutal, aggressive regimes -- all without ordinary Aussies being given a say.

China was even able to secure control of a strategic Darwin port as part of the Liberal-News Corp plot, leaving Australian and US military movements susceptible to Chinese monitoring to this very day.