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Once you understand state capture, much of the operation of the Australian political system makes complete sense. Read the report from the Australian Democracy Network. Scott Ludlam addresses it. And see a complementary take from the Human Rights Law Centre. Plus: for the South African origin of the term — in the corruption of the Gupta family and others — see here.


Retractions only remove about two-thirds of the views originally posited, even if they’re completely false, a new study shows. Meanwhile a new book argues evangelical Christianity is implacably anti-Christian. But is there a “true” Christianity? In the “well, that’s not very exciting” department: it turns out we’re not constantly shifting through slightly different universes. Instead we’re just constantly rewriting our memories. First they were “just telling jokes”, then they were “just asking questions” — how some comedians ended up fleeing from accountability rather than being funny.


Online sports betting is spreading rapidly in the United States and the results are, well, predictable. Veterans of religious campaigns against betting can only look on in dismay. How sports betting is ruining the capacity to enjoy sport. How the US gambling industry carefully and methodically normalised online gambling. And how America’s National Football League embraced gambling.