Ash Barty and Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley (Image: AP Photo/Hamish Blair)

In 1872 Charlotte Ray became the first Black woman to graduate from a law school in America. In 2022 President Joe Biden plans to nominate the first Black woman to serve as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Right on cue, his decision has been met with howls of outrage from reactionaries. They argue this will be an "affirmative action" appointment in the service of political correctness. They protest that the best candidate should be chosen. All this before knowing the president's pick.

Their bleats ring hollow. In 233 years there have been 115 Supreme Court justices. All but five have been men. All but three have been white. Six of the 17 chief justices had no judicial experience. Two of the current judges attended high school together. What are the odds? The claim that all were selected on their merits is laughable.