'Convoy for Freedom' protesters in Ottawa (Image: EPA/Andre Pichette)

This week Canada and the world were shocked to see something interesting happening in Canada, when the capital, Ottawa, was besieged by seemingly well-organised protests of truckers angry at the imposition of a vaccine mandate.

That it was organised by truckers gave it a heft other protests had lacked. That it was not just about the vaccine mandate became clear -- if it were ever in doubt -- when the objectors began noise protests aimed at the capital's inner-city residents, disproportionately well-heeled bureaucrats and corporate types.

The whistles and horns wailed until 5am, driving people crazy, prompting fights in the street and, allegedly, the attempted arson of an apartment building. Hard-right and other exotic elements were soon drawn to the protests, and a GoFundMe account quickly raised $2 million, mainly from the US.