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Amber Schultz Associate Editor

Amber Schultz

Associate Editor @AmberMaySchultz
Amber is the Associate Editor at Crikey. She has been shortlisted for two Young Walkley Awards, was the 2021 Mumbrella Young Writer of the Year for her coverage of sexual violence, and in 2018 completed the Jacoby-Walkley scholarship. She holds two Master degrees and previously worked for The Age, Nine News and ABC's Tonightly.
Jo Dyer Boothby Independent Candidate

Jo Dyer

Boothby Independent Candidate @instanterudite
Jo is an Australian theatre and film producer, and director of Adelaide Writers' Week. She is known for the films Lucky Miles and Girl Asleep. A former Labor preselection candidate, she is currently running as an independent candidate for Boothby at the 2022 federal election.
Burning Down the House: Reconstructing Modern Politics

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Launched 15 February 2022

Burning Down the House tells the story of how our political system went awry.

Debunking the notion that we’ve ever had a two-party system, it examines how—with a recent dance card that has gone way beyond Labor and Liberal to encompass the Nationals, Greens, Centre Alliance and a whole host of RWNJs—Australia has now arrived at a place where a group of the most unlikely politicians contemplated the sort of Australia they wanted—responsible, humane, moral—and concluded that was not the Australia reflected in our current toxic politics.

Into the breach has stepped a range of independents beholden to no-one but themselves and their electorates, ordinary Australians determined to burn it all down and build something new.

If you would like to just get your hands on the book, you can order it here.

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