Advance Australia's Captain GetUp (Image: Supplied)

When Advance Australia emerged on the scene before the 2019 election, it was something of a joke -- yet another desperate attempt to create a “right-wing GetUp”. The gag was best summed up by the group’s biggest contribution to that election campaign: Captain GetUp, a man dressed in a weird orange superhero costume, who frolicked around marginal seats making crude gestures at Zali Steggall.

Since then Advance Australia (which has tried to rebrand as Advance) hasn’t made much of a dent on the political scene. Until this week, when the Australian Electoral Commission’s disclosure data revealed it had received two of the biggest political donations of the 2020-21 financial year.

All up, Advance Australia got $1.3 million -- far less than other campaigner groups (GetUp got nearly $12 million) but enough in donations to rival some state party branches. Certainly more cash than One Nation pulled in.