Network Ten political editor Peter van Onselen (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

The curious case of PVO Yesterday was quite a day for Ten's political editor and Australian columnist Peter van Onselen. He made the news in two distinct ways, being heavily featured in reporter Tegan George's federal court complaint against the network, and then reading out bombshell texts to the prime minister which described him as a "complete psycho".

PVO's place in the Australian media landscape has always been an odd one. The professor of politics at the University of Western Australia started writing for The Australian in 2009, then spread out on to a series of hosting gigs at Sky News before moving to Ten in 2018. In that time, he has had several attacks of what we in the bunker like to call "columnist brain" -- the inability to stop being actively wrong in public, until recently best illustrated in PVO's case by the several pieces he wrote in 2018 insisting that the Nazis were socialists.

Indeed, during his recent chat with friend of Crikey Tom Ravlic, PVO was fairly amiable about the roasting he gets for being a "kiss of death" for any politician he backs. He cheerily admitted that he didn't take his own predictions all that seriously, it's just part of the "theatre".