(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

World War I began early, accidentally, when a small German force invaded the north tip of Luxembourg on 1 August, 1914, three days before the Western war began in earnest. Having destroyed a railway station telegraph office and ripped up rail track -- both of which would have to be rebuilt when Germany re-invaded -- they sheepishly withdrew across the border.

Is that where we are now? With the publication of the latest Newspoll giving Labor the magical 56-44 2PP, The Australian came out all guns blazing, the anti-Labor stories tumbling over themselves hourly. By mid-afternoon, Albo was "defending" Labor's position on China (which appeared to be identical to the Coalition's position on China). 

By late afternoon, when one glanced back to check a fact or two, it was gone and Albo was now doing a backflip on the Kurri Kurri hybrid gas plant. Both stories were tendentious in the extreme. Labor's "defence" of its China policy was simply restating it. Labor's plan for the Kurri Kurri plant had always been that it should be hybrid, converting to full hydrogen use in a decade.