(Image: Private Media)

Queensland Labor's highly profitable investment companies helped power it to an election win in 2020, with its financial arms, Labor Legacies and Labor Holdings, tipping in more than $3.6 million of the branch's $18 million in revenue for 2020-21.

The contributions overshadowed those from trade unions, with the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees' Association chipping in just over a quarter of a million, the electrical union CEPU $233,000, and the Australian Workers' Union $210,000. Private sector donors were thinner on the ground: there was $66,000 from Ernst & Young and $65,000 from KPMG.

The LNP relied more heavily on its investment arm, receiving about $5.2 million from LNP Nominees; unsurprisingly it harvested far more private sector donations: $78,000 from garbage kings JJ Richards, $20,000 from major Liberal donor Anthony Pratt, $130,000 from Volvo Group, and $22,000 from KPMG -- but much of the party's donations are hidden because it refuses to reveal donations below the $14,500 threshold.