scott morrison
(Image: Private Media)

One of the dead giveaways that Scott Morrison is lying -- no, not that his lips are moving, smarty -- is that he ardently insists he didn't say something. The phrase, or some variation of it, is usually a strong pointer to the fact that he did indeed say what he insists he didn't.

Asked about his ridiculing of electric vehicles in the 2019 election last November, Morrison was forthright: "But I didn't. That is just a Labor lie." Asked why his government was full of climate denialists who rejected the link between climate change and bushfires back in 2020, he was adamant: "That has never been in dispute."

"At no stage," Morrison said, "has there been any suggestion" that if the vaccine rollout had gone to schedule the east coast outbreak last winter would have been more easily handled -- despite personally launching the vaccine rollout schedule last March that indicated exactly that.