Grace Tame (Image: AAP/Rob Blakers)

“Australia is all about mateship,” tweeted our nation’s leader merrily, his half of a jolly exchange with his clown-faced counterpart in the Old Dart. Boris and Scott, giving each other virtual high-fives across the intrawebs in brillo celebration of the date this continent was invaded, became officially terra nullius and the slaughter began. What fun!

Mateship was an interesting choice of trope for old mate Morrison to be invoking the day immediately after he was excoriated in the most publicly imaginable way by the outgoing Australian of the Year, a person who doesn’t fit the traditional definition of a “mate” and who has spent the past year leading a national conversation about how grotesquely black is the dark side of the Australian concept of mateship.

She had turned up at an official function at the Lodge, not Scott’s place. Morrison, spotting her from a distance, had called out “Grace! Come on over, Grace!” She had complied, to be polite, and had drawn the line at that. What she was thinking is her business. What she did was her right. It was, we can be sure, sincere. Why would she not feel that way about Morrison?