(Image: Private Media)

The deportation of tennis player and pandemic vector Novak Djokovic was a debacle from the get-go for the Morrison government, which greenlit his entry only to decide the Serbian champ was good cannon fodder for a "we will decide who hits tennis balls in this country and the circumstances in which they hit them" campaign after he arrived -- before the Federal Court threw out its visa cancellation.

That left the government to reply on its near-bulletproof deportation powers, only for the geniuses at Home Affairs to argue that deportation was justified on the basis that Djokovic posed a threat of an "increase in anti-vaccination sentiment generated in the Australian community", at the exact moment lunatic anti-vaxxers within the government like George Christensen and Gerard Rennick were attacking vaccination.

Scott Morrison refused to accept any parallel between the two situations, presumably on the basis that him deciding he no longer wanted to accept the support of a conspiracy theorist wingnut was much harder than deporting someone.