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We are the Campions, my friend Vikki Campion has, for roughly a year and a half, been providing us with strange and largely unasked-for insights into the life she shares with actual Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce in the pages of The Daily Telegraph. Still, this one really does seem a stretch, with a column dedicated entirely to Joyce proposing, under the headline "On bended knees Barnaby asked me … I melted".

We've pointed out before that it's kind of strange that Campion is paid to write humanising portraits of a sitting (and scandal-prone) politician in a major publication -- hopefully we've just seen its surreal peak.

Cop that We here at Crikey will not rest until the scourge of "funny" posts by police force social media accounts is fully stamped out. So over the weekend Triple J held its annual Hottest 100 poll, with the top spot going to The Wiggles' cover of Tame Impala's "Elephant" (incidentally, remember when it banned Taylor Swift from the poll for vague reasons around "troll voting" and, implicitly, her insufficient alternative credibility?)