Anthony Albanese Labor
Anthony Albanese (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

On cautious Labor

Leo Quinn: Obviously "once bitten, twice shy" is what is dictating the Labor approach after what happened in the 2019 election. Quite sad really, but given the bias that the likes of Murdoch, Sky, Nine etc impose on it it feels it has little alternative than to try to be as small a target as possible.

It is a shameful reflection on us that we have allowed this to happen, where Labor basically has to fight with one hand tied behind its back to unseat the worst federal government in my lifetime.

Karis Muller Sanderson: It can’t be easy for Labor to steer between the Coalition and the Greens, whether about fossil fuels, mining, huge sums spent on submarines, tanks and aircraft while the weak among us -- e.g. the frail aged -- are left locked in their rooms afraid and depressed, or sleeping in a car/on the pavement.