A Russian tank arrives in Belarus on Wednesday (Image: Russian Defense Ministry via AP)

Welcome back from the beach! Did you have a good time? Are you rested and relaxed? Good.

We will soon be at war with Ukraine. This alarming situation has been escalating for months, while you were buying presents and planning a socially distanced Christmas, and came to a head while you were lying on the sand trying to get more than nine pages into the latest diversity novel. 

The United States is speaking of giving very heavy assistance to the Ukrainian government in its dispute with Russia. Russia, in turn, is speaking of putting forces into Cuba and Venezuela, to show the US what it's like to have enemy "big power" (read: nuclear-armed petro-kleptocracy) forces on its borders. In the West this is being portrayed in a familiar fashion, as the relentless hunger of the rapacious Russian bear coming once again for the sweet Ukrainian maiden.