(Image: AAP/Private Media)

It's that time of year already Yesterday the satirical website The Betoota Advocate ran the headline "Scotty just holding on for Australia Day debate to overshadow RATs mismanagement":

With Australia deciding they have heard just enough about an unvaxxed Serbian hotel room enthusiast who is really good at hitting a ball, Prime Minister Scotty from Marketing is hoping that a new debate will dominate the news cycle before anyone realizes cough testing is being privatised.

Certainly it isn't the only one harbouring the vague suspicion that the elongated drama regarding the deportation of Novak Djokovic is serving the government just fine. As ever, the Institute of Public Affairs is here to help drum up some culture war content, putting out a press release this morning that insists most Australians want the day kept where it is. Good to see the IPA get out in front of a conversation no one much appeared to be having this year. And stacking culture war topics one atop the other like so many reactionary pancakes, it manages to get a crack at identity politics and the terrifyingly non-existent spectre of critical race theory in there: