(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

On the face of it, Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic -- the first in his profession to win $100 million in prize money, considered by many the greatest tennis player of all time, and a brand ambassador for, among other entities, an Austrian banking cooperative -- has little in common with an Afghan refugee.

But this past week, when he entered Australia to play in its grand slam tournament only to be detained by immigration officials, Djokovic exposed the punitive and arbitrary nature of the country’s immigration system -- just as a group of Hazara asylum seekers did 20 years ago when the Royal Australian Navy intercepted them on the high seas in what came to be known as the “Tampa affair” for the Norwegian freighter MV Tampa that picked up the migrants at sea when their own boat sank and tried to bring them to Australia.

Immigration systems are usually byzantine by design, so the details of both stories are hard to parse. But here is what we know of Djokovic’s.