(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

It’s an election year. It’s a post-COVID return-to-normalcy year -- although perhaps later rather than sooner. What’s that likely to mean for Australia’s media? Here are the trends to watch for.

Will Australians follow Americans off the news engagement cliff?

News engagement is so 2020, according to a data dive by US news service Axios, showing it plummeted in 2021 and “it doesn't look like 2022 will be much better”. The report looked at global data, albeit through a very American lens, tracking the decline to the departure of Donald Trump (and his exclusion from social media) and the country’s early loss of interest in COVID-19. 

It's a grim picture for news media: social media interactions with news, cable news audiences, news app downloads and unique visits to major news sites all down on global figures.