Former gambling minister Victor Dominello (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

Ever since ClubsNSW led the campaign to stymie the 2010 Andrew Wilkie deal with Julia Gillard to curb gambling harm on poker machines through a mandatory pre-commitment scheme, no state or federal government has been prepared to take on Australia’s mighty gambling industry.

This is an industry that has nearly doubled annual revenues to almost $25 billion over the past 15 years; $14 billion of that comes from Australia’s 200,000 poker machines, almost half of which are in New South Wales.

Although Labor has a far greater shame file in explaining how Australians became so heavily fleeced by the gambling industry, it was the NSW Liberals who signed three consecutive pre-election MOUs with ClubsNSW which basically promise to continue to let the industry ran rampant across the state.