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Failing grade As we mercifully draw near to the end of the year, The Daily Telegraph is taking advantage of the wind-down to churn out some retrospective content. And, hey, who doesn't? The Tele has graded the federal cabinet, and that its assessments are a touch more generous than ours would be probably won't surprise anyone. But the standout is its take on the prime minister -- it's given him an A. It's not just that this would indicate it wasn't looking at the same prime minister as the rest of us, but that it's viewing a different reality altogether:

Yep, it thinks the handling of the Brittany Higgins scandal was "neutralised" or turned into a "net positive". Apart from describing the horrifying response to a horrifying situation with vague management buzzwords, we note it provides no example of how this has happened. So according to who has this issue been -- *sigh* -- "neutralised"? Certainly not Higgins, who puts it better than we could:


Cashing in In a "taking out the rubbish" hall of fame moment, Attorney-General Michaelia Cash has "announced" two appointments to the Fair Work Commission. On a Saturday afternoon, a week before Christmas. In keeping with the government's long-term approach to the commission, both have employer backgrounds, and one is the former CEO of WorkPac, which readers may recognise as the labour-hire company with an underpayment claim on account of misclassifying its workers as casuals.