Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister Melissa Horne feeding defective toys into a shredder (Image: Nine)

Parting the seas As we've previously pointed out, for much of our Lies and Falsehoods dossier, the source for our evidence that the prime minister has been untruthful is simply the media section on his website. So we wonder, if he happens to be asked about the following decidedly sketchy gag about Josh Frydenberg's cultural heritage, he might simply say he'd never said it:

It has been quite a few years, hasn't it? These last three years. Floods. Fires. Drought. Pandemic. Mouse plague. I turned to Josh Frydenberg one day in cabinet, I said, I think it's time we let your people go, Josh.

Child's play We've decided the most important thing we can do for the rest of the year is find out the process that led to a minister allowing herself to be filmed feeding several babies into a shredder. Channel Nine reported on the Victorian government's destruction of 368 unsafe toys ahead of Christmas. The footage features Consumer Affairs Minister Melissa Horne joining safety inspectors and feeding some of those defective toys into a shredder. Except ... surely some of the defective toys were less visceral choices than babies?