(Image: Private Media)

Jonesing for the spotlight Alan Jones' first episode of Direct to the People exploded into the living rooms of a grateful public last night -- for roughly five minutes before the whole set-up carked it. The feed crashed on every platform it was broadcast on, adding, we assume, to this collection, before returning, bringing relief to fans of hard-right politics and the clumsy shot-in-a-spare-room aesthetic alike.

The producers claimed the glitch was on account of "hundreds of thousands" of people swarming to the Parrot's premiere, but as news.com.au drily noted, only 1600 of those apparently bothered to leave Jones a like on Facebook, and by the end of the show he could claim a slightly diminished 1322 viewers on YouTube.

If nothing else, it points to the reach and viewing numbers one can expect even at the lower end of the mainstream media -- Jones' audience at Sky, which bobbed about somewhere between a 109,000 high at the very start and lows in the 30,000s, may largely have been people who fell asleep with the TV on, not to mention a pittance by the standards of national TV. But it's still higher than most YouTubers can dream of.