Annastacia Palaszczuk and Scott Morrison (Images: AAP)

So what next? As tens of thousands of people -- many of them returning Queenslanders -- cross the border into the sunshine state for the first time in five months, that’s the question that needs a policy focus.

The political messaging too will be a key battlefield, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison tries to sandbag the swag of seats he won last time. Losing just a few will see him sent to the opposition benches. It’s a high stakes Christmas game that could impact on either of the popularity of Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk or Morrison's electoral fortunes.

Queensland has largely been a COVID-free zone. A couple of quick lockdowns put out spotfire transmissions, but unlike New South Wales and Victoria, hospital admissions and deaths have been rare. Voters have obliged with mask-wearing and social distancing, and businesses have paid a heavy price, considering the small amount of transmission.