(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

"Organisations, including activist organisations seeking to influence election outcomes, will no longer be able to shroud their electoral income in secrecy," Scott Morrison's right-hand man Ben Morton wrote to parliamentarians yesterday, urging them to dob in to the Australian Electoral Commission any such organisations under the government's tightened rules around political advocacy.

The organisations he's talking about? That would be the "Voices of" candidates emerging in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and, now, South Australia. The email is the latest salvo from a government panicked at the emergence of a series of grassroots independent candidates in safe seats occupied by do-nothing or low-profile Liberal moderates who have been complicit in the Nationals' successful push to derail climate policy.

What's amusing about Morton's demand that such groups and those supporting them should "no longer be able to shroud their electoral income in secrecy" is that the Liberal Party is the biggest offender when it comes to just that.