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Gladys all over In the United States it's called a "boomlet" -- a sudden, even wholly unanticipated, surge in interest before fading. In the case of the "Berejiklian for Warringah" boomlet, the entire thing has been orchestrated by a desperate Scott Morrison and his media allies, with journalists discussing how inordinately popular the former premier is despite being under investigation the NSW ICAC. "Game changer", one gallery journalist cried. But now that Berejiklian has indicated privately she's reluctant, the "game changer" is that Berejiklian is somehow required to fix the problem -- with a government source telling Nine that she shouldn't let the speculation continue.

So let's understand this properly: Berejiklian has done nothing to encourage the idea she might run, but now must fix the problem created for themselves by Liberal Party men who said she might run? Another minor example, perhaps, of how, when it comes to the Morrison government, the fault always lies with someone else.

National lampoon Senator sports rorts herself, Bridget McKenzie, has always been an expert room-reader -- who can forget that hee-larious pose she struck at a national obesity summit in 2019? So I'm sure the attendees of the Resilient Australia Awards were absolutely delighted to hear the following after the events of 2020-21: