George Christensen (Image: Facebook)

Challenges and opportunities Billionaire Andrew Liveris has had a hell of a pandemic. The oil and gas executive and adviser to former US president Donald Trump has had a wonderful talent for being in the room when decisions where made, nabbing not one but two advisory roles in Australia's COVID recovery. Could he have had something to do with the "gas-led recovery plan"? Could that make him richer? Isn't that a potential conflict of interest? These are all questions Liveris was apparently under no obligation to answer, and we assume they haven't come up in this morning's chat with former senator and current ambassador to the United States, Arthur Sinodinos.

It's titled "Partners in Progress". Partners, certainly; progress, maybe not. It apparently "unravels the history-making changes we have seen and highlights the opportunities these present to the global Australian innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem". And, look, we'd have to say Liveris is eminently qualified to talk about those opportunities.

National disgrace After Crikey broke the story of George Christensen going on far-right conspiracy crank Alex Jones' show to laugh along with a little light Holocaust humour, a line in the sand was drawn. Deputy Nationals' Leader David Littleproud took a bold stand on the MP, who was obviously suitably chastened: "Some of my comments he agreed with ..." Brutal stuff.