Who would make a pinata out of this man? (Image: AAP/Dean Lewis, Private Media)

Sheridan stay At the birthday party of which grizzled veteran of Australian right-wing politics on the weekend was the best gift -- from another grizzled veteran of Australian right-wing politics -- a Greg Sheridan pinata? We're not saying who, but a Tips associate sighted the object, which was made of a foam dinosaur, the head festooned with stickers of the great man's face and the body filled with cheap toffees. If Greg was feeling a little bruised and battered on Sunday, it was a case of voodoo…

Clapton all clapped out The Washington Post is running a "what happened" piece on Eric Clapton, the newly minted middlebrow bard of the anti-vaxxer set (alongside Van Morrison). The Post seems baffled by "Slow Hand" Clapton's late career turn as apparently: "For 56 years, Eric Clapton never brought politics into his music."

We'd suggest that Clapton's rant at the Birmingham Odeon in 1978 had some political overtones, not least of all in his repeated calls for a vote for Enoch Powell: