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Vale Peter Cundall We note with sadness the death of Peter Cundall at the age of 94. The Mancunian was a beloved and reassuring presence through the 1990s and 2000s as host of Gardening Australia during its first 18 years. He was a committed environmentalist who, having served in World War II and Korea, became a pacifist who marched against the Iraq War in 2003. He was chairman of the Tasmanian Wilderness Society in the 1970s battle against the Franklin Dam, and was arrested in 2009 for refusing a move on order while protesting the Gunns' Bell Bay Pulp Mill. He was 82.

To consider what leaves with Cundall and his near century on earth would occupy a lot more space than we have here -- by all accounts his was a remarkable life. But to pick one example: can we imagine someone who once ran as a Senate candidate for the Communist Party of Australia (back in 1961 -- he proudly claimed to have received the lowest number of votes of any federal candidate), with three volumes of ASIO files still managing to have a long career at the ABC in any capacity now?

Devine intervention We do so love keeping up with the doings of Miranda Devine, still in the US doing us "proud" with her "journalism" for the New York Post. Following her book about Hunter Biden's sodden laptop (which may have become an actual story since we last checked), Devine is applying her rigorous standards to other publications' work, whoever the hell they actually are. She incredulously tweeted that "Over at The New York Times -- which won a Pulitzer for pushing the Russia hoax -- they’re genuinely claiming that Biden is getting tougher treatment from the media than Trump did. They have charts and all."